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I have been practicing written journalism since my high school days as editor of The Shakerite at Shaker Heights High School in Cleveland, Ohio. I began my career as a freelance movie reviewer in Santa Cruz, CA, evolved into a cub reporter and then a police, city government and human interest beat reporter, and finally an entertainment editor at the Santa Cruz Sentinel. I became a reporter and film reviewer at the trade publication Daily Variety in Los Angeles, and after three highly educational years, moved to the Los Angeles Times, where I worked for five years as the primary film correspondent, won the internal award for best reporting and was formally nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. These are some samples of my work, which will be added to as I uncover pieces from my past life that surface on the Internet. I still write a monthly column for the Winston-Salem Journal, and occasional pieces for Daily Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, and various other publications, which will be featured here. I also have a chapter in an upcoming publication of critical essays on the writer-director Billy Wilder by McFarland Press.


The Life and Films

of George Lucas

Filled with revelations about the origins and making of American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark,   Read More  



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